All Things Girlie

Apologies to my male readers…but I just couldn’t help myself.

Sometimes there are things in life that are simply pretty.  Now, I’ve always been one to prefer jeans over skirts but I’m finding the older I get, the larger my appreciation for all things girlie. You can’t argue the pretty quotient of the following:

1.  Everything in the movie “Amelie”.  from hair cuts, to petite Parisian apartments to flower gardens to vespas.  Everything in the movie is charming and pretty and I want to crawl into the film and live there.

2.  Everything in Anthropologie.  My sister and I have a strategy when we visit the store.  First we scope out the entire store usually in a counter clock wise motion.  Second time through we pick up every piece of clothing that catches our eye…which is pretty much everything.  Then we ask for the largest change room and spend the entire morning trying on every piece of clothing. Check out the website  You’ll load up your virtual cart in no time flat.

3.  A pedicure with complete with Smartie pink toe nail polish.

4.  Robin egg blue.  I’m planning on painting my condo this colour.  With white trim.  And cherry red accents a la the Style and Home magazine cover for the month of May.

5.  Tulips.

6.  Printed canvas bound books.  Chapters has VERY pretty canvas bound classics on sale as we speak.

7.  Cup cakes.  Cute individual mini cakes.  A perfect sugary mouthful.  Especially chocolate with butter icing. Check out this Canadian company:

8.  Baubles.  When I was in Toronto last week I bought a necklace with beads the size of jaw breakers.  The size of the baubles boarders on the obscene but I saw it in the window of a little boutique on Yonge Street and I just had to have it.  It looks like something Wilma Flintstone would wear only longer, and kaleidoscopically colourful.

Well I’ve exhausted my imagination this evening for things quintessentially pretty. Tomorrow I’m going for my interpretation of what defines masculinity.  I wonder if I can think beyond  lift kits and  hockey brawls?


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