Vex in the City

I’m at a conference in the big city.  and pleasantly surprised that so far it has been well worth my while.  Nothing worse than spending time and money on something where all you do is sit and take up space…and think of being far, far away.

But not this time.  Lots of networking.  Lots of free resources.  Lots of learning.  A triple hitter.  And just to add to this episode in my life  is the interesting experience I”m having with my environment.

The setting that I’m inhabiting.

My “where”.

I’m in Toronto.  On Yonge St.  Not amidst the political fray but close enough to see the fire trucks and the police cars pass.  It’s the talk in the restaurants, my conference sessions, the hotel lobby …

not in my face but in my peripheral vision.

Actually only limiting my shopping options.  I can’t go downtown.  But I’m not hugely inconvienced…I haven’t the time to indulge.

And my hotel.  An old building of character.  Quaint courtyard.  Conveniently located.  If you squint, the room is really quite charming and if I take off my glasses and can’t make out the fine detail it can pass for clean….

Now, I’m not usually a diva, or a princess, but  I have to admit to being a bit offended.  Not enough to make a federal case out of it..the sheets are clean and so are the towels.  I’m pretty sure I can handle …*gulp* what is it?  FOUR more nights.

Good thing I’m working from a frame of reference where in my travels I’ve encounted a hotel room in London that was so vile we had to cover everything in extra sheets and sleep in our clothes.  This and the fact it was a fire trap had us checking out the next day.

In comparison this room is the Ritz.

And I don’t even want to talk about my hair.  It’s been torrential pouring on and off for the last two days.  Refreshing but the humidity adds obnoxious volume to my hair.  The hair dryer I bought at the drugstore down the street (because my hotel room doesn’t have one of course) is of little use a “straight blow out” is futile.

So, I’ll chalk it up to an adventure.  A story to tell when I get back, or at least in my posts to you dear readers.

Then get home and really REALLY appreciate my own mess at a lower humidex.


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