The Economy of Ignorance

I’m entertaining the idea of getting an air conditioner.  My entire family has air conditioning installed in their homes.  I’m beginning to rotate my visits, spending the heat of the day at one home one day, then moving to another home another day, then a third home …I think the fam is beginning to catch on though. The condo is conveniently the hottest around 6:00pm forcing me to arrive at their respective homes at dinner time (weird how the timing always turns out that way). I’m beginning to think I have to make matters into my own hands and actually do something about my situation.  Anyway, I really only wish to have an air conditioning unit about six days out of the year but I’m not totally convinced this is the way to go.  I do have three fans strategically placed throughout the living are and bedroom, allowing for a substantial amount of airflow.  The only problem is, by mid-afternoon the “air” is pretty darn hot.  For these six days I close the blinds, walk around in a tank top and shorts, take cool showers and eat popsicles.

Lots and lots of popsicles.

So, my question is this:  should one pay hundreds of dollars for something that is only going to be used 6 days out of 365?  I’m a bit apprehensive.  If there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s that I usually don’t know how irresistible I’ll find something until I get it.  Ever wondered, “how did I ever live without______________?”

Of course you have.

Cell phones.  When I was growing up we lived a fifteen-minute drive away from town.  We’d have to drive on a gravel road in the summer and plow through two-foot snowdrifts in the winter. Spring brought flooding, winter brought whiteouts, and I won’t even go into the amount of large wildlife that found it’s way onto the road the rest of the year.  In some stretches there were miles between farmhouses.  And through all of this we never worried about not having a phone in case we hit the ditch, got a flat or got stuck in the snow.  So why is it that now, with a cell phone, I have a sinking feeling whenever I leave home without it?  Whatever will I do if I get stranded? This is totally illogical because, well, I live in town not way out in the boonies away from civilization.

Another thing I’ve realized is that I absolutely love heated car seats.  Now living in Northern Alberta, one uses heated car seats far more often than air conditioning.  Instantaneous heat. Warming you up way before the engine is warm enough to blow warm air out of the vents.  I really don’t know how I survived without them and would fight tooth and nail to keep them.  They’re as standard to me now as windshield wipers.

Computers.  More specifically word processing programs.  Seriously.  I admit to being old enough to have used typewriters in writing my papers the first few years of university.  Writing a draft with pen then typing it for the first time.  Editing and fixing typos, then typing again, editing then typing AGAIN!  Having one hard copy of a final draft of something that you worked hours if not days on.  Maybe splurging on photocopying an extra copy just in case it go marred by a wayward coffee or mauled by the cat.

So, I’m not entirely convinced I should buy an air conditioner.  I’m thinking it may spoil me and at this particular time I can think of better ways to spend my money.  I’m sure the next time it hits +30C I’ll rue the day I ever decided not to purchase one.  But until then I’ll continue to schedule my visits to the various members of my family on a rotational basis in order to escape the heat.

Sometimes I think ignorance of luxury really is bliss, or if not bliss than definitely cheaper.


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