Musings Upon an Acupuncturist’s Table

It’s interesting.

the people we trust.

For the most part we choose who we trust with our emotions. Fate only exclusively in play when it come to our family.  The rest,

a shot in the dark, using only our intuition,

or lack thereof.

Trusting others, to some degree, with our physical well-being. Sometimes sitting vulnerable in the examination room dressed only in a Kleenex waiting to be stuck with pins and needles.  Or sitting in a white paper bib as someone drills into our enamel. Unable to see what “procedure” is taking place.

The certification on the wall convinces us they’re trustworthy.  So we let them do what they must.

Then pay them for it.

Those we trust with our financial well-being, putting our money in some intangible fourth dimension in cyberspace.  Unable to go see it all sitting there in a pile.

And count it with our fingers.

Those we trust with our identity.  Where and when we were born.  Our height and our weight.  Eye and hair colour.  Needed for passports and drivers licenses.

It takes courage to trust.

Courage to give a portion of control over what makes you


to someone who could make you better. Through his expertise or love.


it takes stupidity to trust too much.

Sharing all your information with everyone.  People you don’t know,

or don’t know enough.

Leaving nothing unrevealed. Publishing too much personal information, fleeting thoughts, knee jerk status updates, for all the world to see.  And use against you.

Discretion is a trait that is most often undervalued.

This is where wisdom comes into play.  Wisdom to know the world you live in and it’s capacity to

hurt and it’s capacity to heal.

And it’s in the wisdom of knowing who you are that allows you to put most of your trust in the safest place of all.

In yourself.


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