The Month of Expectation

“March is the month of expectation/Of things we do not know.”   – Emily Dickenson.

Yesterday was the first day of spring.  The sun was shining brightly; the snow was melting and dripping off my roof.  I dug around my closet and reached around to the back for my spring coat…

…then promptly went to the hairdresser and got highlights put in my hair.

I always feel the need to undertake a physical overhaul when spring arrives. Not only did I get the hair highlighted I also made an optometrist appointment, a dental appointment and a pedicure appointment  Sandal season is juuuuuust around the corner and there is nothing as effective as soft feet with bright pink polished toes to kick winter’s ass.

Weeding the closet was also in order.  All the REALLY heavy sweaters were moved to the closet in the spare room (yes I have one of those…one advantage to not having any offspring).   I also went out and bought a pretty spring shirt.  It’s light blue and white.   For me a monumental colour choice.  I tend to gravitate towards and hide myself in grays and blacks and browns.  The sunshine is making me brave.

It was also a day that warranted a walk.  A walk in the sunshine dodging newly formed puddles of melted snow, rivulets of run-off gurgling into the storm drains, and dog poop. And in my trek, as I breathed in the clean spring air and felt the warmth of the sun on my face, I heard the calling of geese.  The Canadian geese have made their way back to splash in the newly melted snow and seek out nesting spots.  I haven’t spotted a robin yet but I know they’ll make their way here soon.

With the onset of spring came the “beverage shift”.  No longer does a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon, or a “special coffee” replete with Bailey’s but rather a raspberry mojito!  The sweetness of the berries, the freshness of the mint.  A perfect initiation of spring.

But the purchase-d’resistance  was the pot of yellow and red tinged tulips that sits on my dining room table and  the hyacinth blooming on my end table.  Yesterday evening the smell of springtime flora permeated the condo.

I fell asleep last night window open, to the sound of water running in the eaves, the haunting call of geese and the fragrance of spring flowers….

…just to wake up this morning to the swirling of millions of snowflakes.

Welcome to northern Alberta.


But I do know spring is here!  Not only have I seen it, I’ve felt it, heard it, smelled it and even tasted it.  It’s just hiding.  We know spring exists just like we know the sun is always shining if even from behind the clouds (sadly something I’m only reminded of whenever I fly in an airplane).

Now what did I do with those sweaters.


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