A Discombobulatory Entry about DST

I feel robbed.  Like someone stole something irreplaceable.  At least I felt this way this morning when the alarm rang at 6:30 am.  But it was really 5:30 am.  And I got to work at 8:30.  But it was really 7:30.  Which has been the idiotic “conversionatory” conversation that has been running through my mind all day.  But now I no longer feel robbed…

I just feel confused.  Like a tree when it snows in the summer.

I think the story behind daylight savings was to create a longer work day. So the rich could keep us peasants out in the fields longer to harvest more grain to put coins in their coffers.

Actually if you look into the history of daylight saving time it’s quite a sticking point with a lot of people in a lot of societies in a lot of countries.  Some say it has health benefits, some say the incidents of traffic fatalities are fewer, some say its a conspiracy…

That we’ll be invaded by aliens during the transition time when our bodies are discombobulated because of the loss of an hour of sleep.  We’ll be to confused to notice little green men flooding into the streets…

or mistake the Storm Troopers for garbage men.

Whatever the case, at the moment I’m feeling very, very grouchy.  I think it’s because I’m tired.  It’s probably because I don’t know whether I should clean my fridge or crawl into bed.  But now that the sun is finally setting, I think pajamas are going to win out and I’ll be crawling into bed an hour earlier which would really be my normal turning in time which would make me wake up when I normally wake up which would be an hour earlier.

…did I mention I’m off to bed?


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