Character sketch #1

The quirky woman who wanders the streets in pink little girl boots and matching jacket that fit her small frame because she’s so slight from all that walking…

…and smoking all those cigarettes.

Always saying “hello” to anyone and everyone.

Always happy.

I wonder what thoughts run through her head.

I wonder what stories.

What songs.

What memories.

She used to be at the downtown coffee shop.  Every day.  All the time.  Until finally they put her in a uniform and asked her to wipe off the tables.  But she didn’t.  She’d stay outside and smoke her cigarettes and say “hello” to everyone coming in for their cup of coffee.

So they took away her uniform.

And now she wears the pink boots.

I used to see her everyday.  On my way to work.  On my way home.  While I was living my day.  And then one day I realized I hadn’t seen her for a while.  It had been months.

Then today I saw her again.  This time standing on the sidewalk at the exact place where my vehicle went through the fence.

Was she always who she is or did she have another life?  One of stability?  Did she ever have a place to walk to?

I wonder what her name is?


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