In keeping with the themes of “hell” and “freezing over”.

It’s close to -40C outside.  The exhaust from the vehicles just hangs in the air like the fog on the moor described in “Wuthering Heights” near Thrushcross Grange.  The condo is cracking and snapping as it contracts in the cold.  Perfect conditions for wrapping myself in a quilt, putting on the kettle and watching classic Christmas fare on the television.

Hmmm.  As luck would have it “It’s a Wonderful Life” is on television.  On three separate channels so it seems.  Almost as if it’s in the stars that I should watch this movie and absorb it’s message.

But tonight I’m not in the mood to be reminded about how important it is for me to stop and recognize the impact I may have on another person’s life or that I should value the “who” in my life rather than the “what”.  I don’t want to watch a movie about how an angel gets his wings.


I want to watch something else.

I want to watch…


“HellBoy” directed by Guillermo del Toro is one of my favorite movies.  Without getting all Roger Ebert-esque, I simply enjoy the movie because to me it’s quintessentially escapest.  I mean it’s about a bunch of Nazi occultists who summon up a baby demon only to have it saved by a bunch of Americans who raise it to work for the “Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense (BPRD)”.

You can’t get any more gloriously silly than that.

Oh, but you can.

I love the fact the demon, HellBoy himself, has a penchant for chocolate bars AND he loves cats.   A devil after my own heart.

And lets face it, any ol’ angel will eventually get his wings.  Angels find goodness easy.  As an angel, you hang around some mortal long enough, maybe gently nudge him in the right direction so he learns a valuable life lesson and, budda bing, you’ve got yourself a set of wings.

A demon doing good however….

that’s a whole other movie.


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